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Life is Beautiful !!!

Life is Beautiful !!! Life is Precious !!! Live it to Fullest !!!

We usually hear that. So what does it mean to live life to fullest ? I gave a thought on it. Does it mean that I can do what I want to do, whether it hurt some one else or not ? Or it means I live my life as it comes without any planning and enjoy the moment ? No...Not at All.

We always take life for granted. We hardly appreciate our life. We hardly appreciate what our life have given to us. Have we ever seated peacefully and appreciated the things that life has given us ? Very rarely...Right !!!

We should be thankful for what we have in our life. We are healthy today, we must be thankful for that. We are not alone, and have lovely family, we must be thankful for that. We have house, let it be small one, but we must be thankful that we have the one. We have our loving parents, they are ready to do anything for us, and they have actually did lot for us. We have lovely life partner, who is ready to stand by our side, in …